Our international secondment programme gives everyone at Cooper Parry the chance to work across the US.

That’s right, everyone. It doesn’t matter which team you’re in or what level you’re at, we want to give you the opportunity to work abroad. The opportunity to leap into an exciting new culture. And the opportunity to supercharge your personal and professional growth, developing key skills, new relationships and a fresh perspective. All with a lifetime of value.

We’ll arrange all your transport and accommodation, leaving you to handle the fun stuff, like planning everything you’re going to experience while you’re away.

This is your ticket to take off on your next adventure. And whether it’s a quick trip or a lengthier stay, all that’s left to ask is where to?

How did these guys find it?

David Rose, Audit Manager

“The whole experience was invaluable. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to interact with different cultures and international clients.

I realised that taking a step into the unknown is nothing to be scared of. Change is great and exciting. And being able to adapt to significant change is a fantastic trait to have in any workplace.”

Tracey Corbett, Client Services Manager, Cooper Parry Wealth

“After joining Cooper Parry straight from uni, it’s all I’ve known in the world of work. I didn’t want to leave CP, but I wanted to experience a new way of working. A secondment was the perfect way to do this. And the best bit was knowing I could come back to the job I love.

I really enjoyed travelling across the world, not knowing a single person. I was able to add value to their company, from my time at CP, which I found really rewarding. The experience really boosted my confidence, which has since helped me to progress into a new role at CP when I returned.

My advice to anyone planning a secondment is just go for it. Put yourself out there. You’ll gain a hell of a lot from it and make memories that last a lifetime.”

Jake Mortland, Tax Manager

“Staying in California for 7 weeks was a great experience. The hands-on insight into US tax was hugely beneficial for future use. However, for me, having worked at CP since the start of my career, spending time in another firm and seeing how they operate was just as useful.

Being dropped into a new environment did a lot to boost my soft skill development. And experiencing the US culture and how they handle clients gave me a lot to take away.”