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15 minutes of fame 

What does the future hold now all Covid restrictions are set to be lifted? 

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Our cool office has certainly had plenty of air-time over the years. 

It was an early start as we welcomed BBC Breakfast presenter Sarah Corker to our Castle Donington office this morning.  

She was keen to hear what businesses in the UK think about Boris’ plan to lift all Covid restrictions today. 

April Bembridge our Chief People Officer was interviewed by Sarah. April explained our approach to keeping people safe in our offices.  

Like many businesses, we’ve had to adapt our ways of working. Our WFAAF policy – Working From Anywhere Anytime Forever – is going strong. We know our agile digital ways of working have created a new sense of purpose for our business too. But we also know we’ll need to continue to adapt.  

We love having our people in the office. The buzz when it’s busy is like nothing else. We’re keen to encourage people back so they can collaborate and enjoy the energy.  

But we want our people to prioritise their health. We’re providing free lateral flow tests and encouraging people to stay home if they’re not feeling well. Or if they prefer, they can continue to work from home. Many are taking a hybrid approach to where they work from.  

So what are your plans? Is your business continuing to offer the option of working from home? Want to learn from a company that’s been taking this approach for the last couple of years? We may not have all the answers and we’ll admit we haven’t always got it right but we’re happy to share what we’ve learnt.  

One thing we do know is our office looked great on television. Particularly Pablo the bull who loved his 15 minutes of fame.  


Caroline McKinlay, Content Specialist


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