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    Count me in. I'd love to hear from Cooper Parry about relevant updates and insights.

    What do you do?

    I’m the internal contact at CP if anything is broken or needs changing in Dynamics 365. I look into issues that arise and aim to get them resolved internally. Where I can I amend and fix any issues. I also have expert support from ANS who specialise in this field. Helping me to get those trickier issues and changes resolved. As a change team we get together to discuss any amends felt to be necessary. I review these to see if they are a viable. I chair these meetings and progress the changes seeing them through to ‘go live’.

    Why do you do it?

    Being totally honest I kind of fell into this role whilst working in the Marketing team. A project came up on Dynamics and I put myself forward. I’ve never looked back really. I love working with Dynamics at CP. It’s a real challenge for me as technology is ever evolving so every day feels like a school day. But it’s great to come to work and help people resolve any issues that may crop up, as well as implement change. It’s all about improving the system and CP’s use of technology to benefit clients.

    What kind of projects have you been involved in?

    I’ve been involved in lots of projects since I took on this role. My most challenging was the PSA project which was all about implementing the PSA module within our existing CRM system. It was such a fast-paced project as every week we were looking at a new area within PSA to gather requirements, build them out for the teams to see and test. It was fun to be part of as I met more key stakeholders across CP, as well as get to grips with PSA module in depth.

    What’s on top of your bucket list?

    It’s been on the top of my bucket list for a while, but I would love to take my two daughters to Disneyland in America. My grandparents took me when I was a little girl and the memories we created will stick with me forever. I would love to create these magical memories with my two girls Mille and Olivia.