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    What do you do?

    I help people keep their UK tax affairs up to date with HMRC.

    Why do you do it?

    Because I like to help people.

    A lot of people do not understand tax, they are usually brilliant at other things, but the complex rules of the UK tax system can be very confusing. Or alternatively they are so busy being brilliant at other things, they don’t have the time to spend trying to figure out what box on the return something should go.

    UK tax is constantly changing so actually every year is different, so I never get bored

    What kind of projects have you been involved in?

    Tax is complex so one of my biggest achievements is getting involved in the training for those preparing personal tax returns to help them better advise our client and to help them grow.

    I am also a member of the LGBTQ+ population and I became involved in a reverse mentoring program to talk to senior management so they could better understand the hurdles people go through in their lives and how this can impact on their work life too.

    What’s on top of your bucket list?

    Making Tax Digital is going to happen and I want to be at the front of the queue helping people get this right, the burden this will put on those affected is going to be a big shift for people. Going back to the fact I want to help people navigate the UK tax rules.

    But I want to be a role model for the LGBTQ+ individuals at Cooper Parry, someone they can see that allows them to know there is an open environment here and therefore they can allow the spark that got them employed to be active, so they can be motivated in doing their work without fear.