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    Count me in. I'd love to hear from Cooper Parry about relevant updates and insights.

    What do you do?

    I’m an Assistant Manager within the Tech & High Growth in London, specifically in tax, working across a broad range of taxes. My role involves project managing, liaising with clients and assisting with a wide range of tax issues that our clients face.

    Why do you do it?

    Coming out of school, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, like so many of us. I went to summer school to study towards my AAT qualification and from there I haven’t looked back! I started out working in industry and then moved over to accounts preparation which prepared me nicely for a move into Tax.

    The thought of an office job, number crunching all day might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but I view my job as much more than that. I have the opportunity to speak to such a variety of different people and show a genuine interest in their start-ups and businesses. It’s amazing that I have the opportunity to be a part of that journey with them.

    What kind of projects have you been involved in?

    I’ve been involved with a variety of different projects, from corporation tax compliance cycles, helping companies gear up for due-diligences and share scheme valuations.

    What’s on top of your bucket list?

    I have a very long bucket list. I’m one of those people who just can’t sit still, I think the world has so much to offer! But despite the never ending list, there is one thing that tops them all. Being a chocolate lover, nothing sounds dreamier than a stay at Hotel Chocolat’s very own hotel in St Lucia in the Caribbean. A trip full of chocolate tasting, chocolate spa treatments and being surrounded by the St Lucian rainforest.

    Very close second would be to sky-dive over Dubai (if I ever pluck up the courage!)