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    Mark brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. With a friendly and approachable manner, Mark is dedicated to establishing a strong connection with business owners, providing both a supportive and expert service.

    Mark’s career journey began in practice, where he gained valuable insights and a solid foundation in accounting. However, his true passion led him to explore opportunities in the industry, where he excelled as a group finance controller in various positions. His success in managing financial operations and driving growth in different businesses speaks volumes about his capabilities.

    Currently, Mark leads and manages our growing franchise section, specialising in working with McDonald’s franchisees. His in-depth understanding of the franchise industry, coupled with his financial acumen, enables him to provide tailored solutions and strategic guidance to franchise owners. Mark is well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating a franchise business.

    Mark’s credibility and expertise in finance and accounting have been proven time and again throughout his career. His experience as a group finance controller has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of financial management, reporting, and analysis. His keen eye for detail and analytical mindset allows him to identify opportunities for improvement and provide valuable insights to his clients.

    Outside of work, Mark is not only a dedicated family person who values work-life balance but also has a vibrant sense of style, often seen sporting fun and colourful shirts. He believes that finding joy and balance in life is essential, both personally and professionally.