“I was introduced to Mark Frost through a mutual contact who recommended the Cooper Parry team to review our R&D tax claims.

As CFO of our business – Phoebus Software is a software provider for the Financial Services market – this is a subject very close to my heart, and from the start I was very impressed both by how quickly Mark and his team got to grips with the specifics of our business and also the calm and straightforward approach that was taken to dealing with our claim.

The attention to detail of their final reports is excellent and Mark’s team, now led by Marcus North, never fail to hit a deadline. I have absolute confidence in the work that goes into the preparation of our annual claims, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mark, Marcus and the wider team to anyone who has a business for whom the annual R&D reporting is an important topic.

I’m certain that our partnership will continue in the same vein in the years to come and I really value the support the Cooper Parry team gives us”.

David Jones

CFO Phoebus Software Ltd







“We moved to Cooper Parry after experiencing a less than satisfactory experience working with some of the larger practices including two of the Big 4. Primarily we used Cooper Parry for our annual audits that cover the Jumar group in the UK and Australia. Early on CP supported a demerger of our company creating a holding company which was very well structured and managed by their team.   As our relationship flourished with CP. We then expanded the number of projects with outstanding results.  Early in our relationship, they persuaded us to carry out an R&D assessment which had always been done by previous auditors. CP uncovered under-claimed R&D costs resulting in a claim of £120k previously missed.

Our Audit process with CP is extremely pain-free and well-managed by our Cooper Parry team with minimal disruption to our business. More recently CP carried out a review of our existing EMI scheme and again found some errors made by our previous advisors which could have caused us some issues in due diligence during any potential exit event.  I have so many examples I could give about how friendly, professional and exceptionally proactive the CP team are.  I  do not have a financial background but every person I speak to at Cooper Parry takes the time and care to explain every step of the way what we need to do as a business.  We are in extremely safe hands.”

Wendy Merricks CEO, Jumar

Jumar is a leading technology and recruitment business, with Microsoft Solutions partner status, delivering large and small IT projects to clients across five continents and supporting clients across the public sector, financial services and insurance.

Based in Solihull with a heritage that spans over 20 years in the local community (founded November 2000). Wendy Merricks, our CEO, was born and raised locally and today is recognised as a prominent local female entrepreneur who invests and supports the local community.

In the last three years, Jumar has achieved explosive growth. Turnover has increased by 32%, with a record-breaking year in 2022, recording a turnover of £36,674,970. With a projected further increase of 43% for 2023.

From 2019 headcount has grown 22% (to over 120 employees), with 40% of our people based in the local community. Our headcount has increased to support our ambitious growth plans to be recognised as a digital-first organisation putting public services at the heart of what we do.

“As a fast-growing business, we had simply outgrown our previous advisors.  We asked several other firms to tender, some who were local to the East Midlands, some who had offices all over the UK and even one who was global, but Cooper Parry were the clear winners for us.

What made them stand out to us was that we shared a lot of the same values, in particular, around ethos.  They want to be the best at what they do and so do we.  As our relationship has developed, it’s clear that they fully understand our business and our goals, and they are always available to help and guide us.

From signing off our audits, supporting us with tax advice including overseas VAT registration and Capital Allowance claims, the people at Cooper Parry always impress.

They even allow us to come and work at their office when we want to take time out of the business and plan, away from the day-to-day.

We would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Sarah Leach

Finance Director, Birlea Furniture

Birlea Furniture are an importer of furniture products for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and home office. With over 25 years’ experience, their product range includes bed frames, mattresses, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and more.  Most recently they have been awarded the licence for Disney Home, allowing them to sell an exclusive range of Disney branded furniture across the UK.  




“We have benefitted from Cooper Parry’s ability to understand their client’s business from grass roots to top table level and they have adopted their audit processes to our private label manufacturing business well. They forge strong working relationships, wherever possible retaining key CP personnel on an annual basis with their consistent approach which really differentiates CP from the “Big 4” competition. As a result they have become a strong fit for 2K. They have a constant forward-looking “how can we help that client save ‘x’ or grow ‘y’ outlook” and the innovation and growth of CP is a role model and inspiring success story to date”.

Neil Westmoreland

Head of Finance | 2K Polymer Systems Ltd

2K Polymer Systems Ltd is part of the Berkshire Hathaway global empire and a leading exclusive private label manufacturer of two component polymer products for anchoring, bonding, and repair applications. Their core product offerings are an extensive range of high-performance, chemical anchoring systems for the construction industry and DIY markets around the world. R&D, product development/certifications and new innovative product solutions, combined with future investment in machinery, production capacity and key personnel are at the hub of its central values and future growth operations. 

“Whilst our business sits within an incredibly established sector, the requirements and regulations that surround our entities around the globe can be both complex and continually developing.​

The importance of a dedicated advisor who not only understands us holistically but has presence or expertise at domestic levels is critical. It means we can benefit from the certainty that all levels of advice offered are considered from the individual entity through to any effects on the group as a whole. Cooper Parry offer advice and relay information to our executive team in a manner that simplifies any intricacies and presents clear options on which to act for a very wide and diverse range of subjects. This includes, but is by no means limited to, audit sign off, transfer pricing, tax advice, R&D and group consolidation reporting.​

Having established the relationship back in the early 2000’s, our businesses have grown in conjunction with one another offering each of us the comfort that we are for sure, doing things correctly”.​

Gary Blakemore


The MMD (Mining Machinery Developments) group of companies was formed in 1978 by Alan Potts and today carries out design, manufacture, supply, installation, repair and servicing of mineral sizing and mining machinery around the globe. The company has grown organically from a singular original UK manufacturing plant to 19 companies around the globe, employing over 600 people. Their mission is to incorporate the greenest and most sustainable methodologies to the sector along with continual innovative client solutions. Keeping their reputation flourishing and at the forefront of the industry.

“We started working with Cooper Parry in 2020 as we felt the team would be able to play a key part in our growth plans. However, unexpectedly we had the opportunity to sell our business which was certainly not part of our original long-term plans.

The guys at Cooper Parry were able to quickly respond to our changing needs and put a team in place that could cover all aspects of our disposal from due diligence, tax and finally planning for inheritance tax considerations. All professionals worked together seamlessly and the biggest compliment I could give is that it felt they were putting the same effort and attention to detail to the deal as if it were their own money at stake. You can’t underestimate the importance of this during an incredibly challenging time for us as business owners.

CP’s tax team were incredible. If their objective was to make tax look ‘sexy’ then sadly they failed. If their goal was to give well thought through and impartial advice whilst giving us peace of mind and reassurance then they certainly succeeded. We are incredibly grateful that they played such a central part in the transaction.”

Tony Pritchard

Former MD Childs Time Ltd

Childs Time provides childcare facilities for busy families with day nurseries in Nottingham and Derby. Tony and his partner, who together ran Childs Time, needed tax advice on separating the ownership of the associated properties from the business prior to receiving offers to buy their nursery business. Once an offer was on the table, they also needed tax advice on the sale.

A bit about our client

They’re a BCorp with a £30m turnover and a distributor of wholesale foods. They’re a bit different. They only deal in fine food for independent retailers.

TheIR challenge

The fast growth of our client meant they needed advisers who could be fleet of foot. Helping them scale up their finance operation. Bigger, more complex numbers needed to be interrogated on a regular basis. Historical discrepancies needed to be cleaned up.

How we helped

We worked very closely with this distribution company to provide a robust year-end function. Helping them tidy up historical issues. We’ve considered and advised on their financial landscape. Assisting with their first upcoming audit. Advising on their EMI scheme valuation.


We understand the challenges posed by rapid growth. It’s great though there are buts. That first audit adds another level of worry. We get that you need advisers who respond quickly. Who are always on hand to answer the big and small questions.

A bit about our client

What excites us about this UK based advertising agency is that it’s an entrepreneurial and innovative business. Like CP they’re looking to rip up the rule book and bring something fresh to an under-served market.

TheIR challenge

Our client’s ambition is to give scale-up brands the chance to grow fast and punch above their weight through advertising. Scrapping months and months of meetings and overly inflated costs. They’ve committed to this proposition. Leading with the brand name that encapsulates that ethos. They’re the new kids on the block. Despite this doing exceptionally well already. That’s because they’re bringing something compelling and unique to their clients. And they’re delivering real results.

How we helped

We’ve helped our client build an Accounting and Finance function that works as part of this Ad agency’s growth ecosystem. It’s aligned to the company’s overall operation without restricting it in anyway. It’s helping them to maximise their potential.

We achieved this by paying special attention to the uniqueness of their business. Taking a personal approach to understanding this agency’s needs. We then worked closely with them to implement flexible, affordable Cloud Accounting technology.

By implementing robust systems and optimising the ecosystem, the team at the agency have access to reliable financial insights. On demand when they need it to aid in critical business decisions.

We worked closely with them to leverage Cloud Accounting technology in their finances. Enhancing operational performance so they can become even more competitive. Putting the system in place took away the need for time and resource previously used to manage finance. This resource was then re-allocated to core company activity while we took care of the finance requirements. We worked with them to design and implement a right-sized solution, including processes and control. Helping them easily overcome the typical bottlenecks and pain points that can hold a company back


Setting up an effective finance function isn’t always easy. Ambitious growing companies need access to robust detailed management information. Decision making needs to be underpinned by the financials, giving confidence in your direction of travel.

A bit about our client

Our client is an international business in a niche sector. They specialise in financial crime intelligence. Helping their clients stay ahead of risks from money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. They’ve recently expanded their operation into the UK from Northern Europe.

TheIR challenge

As they grow their presence in the UK our client wanted to work with an accounting firm familiar with the tech industry. That could help them navigate the UK business financial landscape as they grow. Making sure they stay on track with HMRC and Companies House requirements.

How we helped

We helped them set up their UK based finance function. Bringing our local knowledge and experience to support their team. Making sure their accounting and reporting arrangements provide monthly management reports to their parent company based overseas. As a company with operations in a number of countries our client needs to be able to communicate financial information across borders.


Any overseas company looking to locate in the UK to grow their market share needs well placed advisers. Having the option of CP run your finance function until you’ve grown sufficiently to take it in house is a no-brainer.


A bit about our client

With over 25 years in the mobility retail sector our client is a UK based business made up of several companies. Like Cooper Parry they lead and succeed though their strong company ethos and core values.

Our client’s challenge

The success of the business recently attracted significant investment. Unsurprisingly this posed challenges for their financial landscape and management requirements. New requirements such as monthly reporting of consolidated results added to the time pressure on the finance team. The level of technical and expertise needed to deliver and maintain this critical business function wasn’t a core strength of the finance team. Given substantial changes taking place within the business it wasn’t the immediate internal focus for our client.

How we helped

During a period of significant change we were able to make sure all the boxes were ticked so they could deliver on their growth strategy. We’re providing the financial expertise needed to help them maximise their investment and grow. Our client can focus on their core products while we take away the worry of regular financial reporting

We’re helping them to operate more smoothly by focusing on their core strengths and market. We’ve been able to jointly identify inefficiencies and potential risks in their existing processes. We’re helping to them continuously resolve and improve.

We’re also helping them to explore areas of automation in their month end process to save hours of valuable finance team time, but still deliver high quality reporting information.

To support our client’s longer-term strategy, we’re helping them cement the foundations that we’ve introduced. We’ll coach their finance team to allow them to eventually take the consolidated management accounts in-house.

It could be you

Our outsourcing team understand the challenges facing businesses that are going through change. Whether that’s due to investment, sale or mergers or acquisitions. We can fill a resource gap quickly. Recruiting an experienced finance individual can take months.

We’re flexible. Depending on complexities in any the given month, our resource can be flexed as needed.