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Welcome to the CP Family


Acquisition by Cooper Parry


As you’ll be aware, Cooper Parry is thrilled to have acquired ihorizon to turbocharge its growth plans.

But if you haven’t seen our recent announcement, you can read all about it here.



What does this mean for you – our valued clients?

Well, it’s very much business as usual and the team you work with will not be changing in any shape or form.

As part of our plans, we’re reorganising the legacy ihorizon business structure to ensure we are future-proofed for growth and things are as stream-lined as possible for you.



What are we doing?

We’ve taken the decision to hive up the pre-existing ihorizon business into Cooper Parry Advisory Limited, to allow us to provide all our continuous services (tax, corporate finance, accounting) from one Cooper Parry legal entity.



What happens now?

You will now officially become a client of Cooper Parry Advisory Limited.



The legal bit

Currently, all our engagements are held by ihorizon (Horizon Accounts Limited). On completion of our re-organisation (we’ll drop you a note to let you know when this has taken place – we’re aiming for 28 April) all the services you receive will be provided by Cooper Parry Advisory Limited.

Your existing engagement letter will be assigned to Cooper Parry Advisory Limited with effect from completion of our re-organisation and services will continue exactly as before. If our current engagement letters cover a group structure, the assignment will automatically apply to all entities in the group.

Then, during May and June, you will receive a new engagement letter from Cooper Parry Advisory Limited. The terms and conditions you sign up to will align with Cooper Parry and there will be no change to the great team providing the service.

There will also be a change in the name on the invoices you receive and ‘the bank account you’ll need to remit to for our services’ will also change. These details will be fully set out on the invoice. Please do make a note of these.



Next steps

For now, there is nothing for you to do. We’ll be back in touch to let you know the date that our re-organisation is effective from.

Look out for the new invoices and bank details for services provided by Cooper Parry Advisory and our new engagement letters and terms of business.

Without question, these are exciting times for Cooper Parry and you, our clients.


Naturally, if you have anything you want to ask us, please get in touch with Tom Watts.



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Tom Watts

If you have anything you want to ask us, please get in touch with

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