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Mining Machinery Developments

“Whilst our business sits within an incredibly established sector, the requirements and regulations that surround our entities around the globe can be both complex and continually developing.​

The importance of a dedicated advisor who not only understands us holistically but has presence or expertise at domestic levels is critical. It means we can benefit from the certainty that all levels of advice offered are considered from the individual entity through to any effects on the group as a whole. Cooper Parry offer advice and relay information to our executive team in a manner that simplifies any intricacies and presents clear options on which to act for a very wide and diverse range of subjects. This includes, but is by no means limited to, audit sign off, transfer pricing, tax advice, R&D and group consolidation reporting.​

Having established the relationship back in the early 2000’s, our businesses have grown in conjunction with one another offering each of us the comfort that we are for sure, doing things correctly”.​

Gary Blakemore


The MMD (Mining Machinery Developments) group of companies was formed in 1978 by Alan Potts and today carries out design, manufacture, supply, installation, repair and servicing of mineral sizing and mining machinery around the globe. The company has grown organically from a singular original UK manufacturing plant to 19 companies around the globe, employing over 600 people. Their mission is to incorporate the greenest and most sustainable methodologies to the sector along with continual innovative client solutions. Keeping their reputation flourishing and at the forefront of the industry.