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22 January '23

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A bit about our client

With over 25 years in the mobility retail sector our client is a UK based business made up of several companies. Like Cooper Parry they lead and succeed though their strong company ethos and core values.

Our client’s challenge

The success of the business recently attracted significant investment. Unsurprisingly this posed challenges for their financial landscape and management requirements. New requirements such as monthly reporting of consolidated results added to the time pressure on the finance team. The level of technical and expertise needed to deliver and maintain this critical business function wasn’t a core strength of the finance team. Given substantial changes taking place within the business it wasn’t the immediate internal focus for our client.

How we helped

During a period of significant change we were able to make sure all the boxes were ticked so they could deliver on their growth strategy. We’re providing the financial expertise needed to help them maximise their investment and grow. Our client can focus on their core products while we take away the worry of regular financial reporting

We’re helping them to operate more smoothly by focusing on their core strengths and market. We’ve been able to jointly identify inefficiencies and potential risks in their existing processes. We’re helping to them continuously resolve and improve.

We’re also helping them to explore areas of automation in their month end process to save hours of valuable finance team time, but still deliver high quality reporting information.

To support our client’s longer-term strategy, we’re helping them cement the foundations that we’ve introduced. We’ll coach their finance team to allow them to eventually take the consolidated management accounts in-house.

It could be you

Our outsourcing team understand the challenges facing businesses that are going through change. Whether that’s due to investment, sale or mergers or acquisitions. We can fill a resource gap quickly. Recruiting an experienced finance individual can take months.

We’re flexible. Depending on complexities in any the given month, our resource can be flexed as needed.