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At Cooper Parry Wealth we believe the traditional wealth management model is broken. It’s focused on products, not what they can help you achieve. And it’s serving the needs of those selling these products, rather than those investing in them.


Sure, you’ll want to know what to invest in. But will that mean you can spend more time with your family? Will it stop you worrying and make it easier to sleep at night? Will it help you enjoy the retirement you really want? We’ll have a relationship with you, not your money.

At Cooper Parry Wealth we focus on you. We work with you to create a strategy on how you spend, save and invest your money – all with the ambition of helping you make life count.

We look after over 850 families. We keep on picking up the biggest industry awards, we’re growing fast and our client satisfaction is 4.6 out of 5.

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John and Anne have both had jam packed careers. John in the textile industry and Anne in bio-pharmaceuticals. A joint venture took them in a new direction and in 2007 they sold their Petrol Station business.

The couple had an existing investment portfolio with one of the larger banks, but the crash of 2008 changed things for many people, not least John and Anne!

John & Anne

Rick and Clare have been clients since 2013, over the years they’ve built a strong relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth and since Rick sold his business the couple have focused on living life to the full.

Having retired from an exciting and fast paced career in the biomedical technology sector, Rick was looking for reassurance around his finances and needed clear forecasting – planning for potential changes in circumstances was key for the couple.

Rick & Clare

Working with David has always been easy. David is extremely professional and knowledgeable but at the same time he is friendly, personable and genuine.

CPW has managed our wealth for ten years and during that time we have been very satisfied with every aspect of our dealings and look forward to working with them in the future.

Thank you David and CPW for always being there for us and for all your advice. You make our life easy.

Sandra & Andy


Stephen Jones
CEO Cooper Parry Wealth