We help businesses with annual audits and assurance, tax structuring and returns. Our specialism is working with privately owned mid-market businesses and large or complex businesses. These include UK-based and multinational businesses, AIM listed and private equity (PE) backed.


Audits are an annual check on an organisation’s financial situation. As a legal requirement in the UK, most businesses with turnover in excess of £10m and more than 50 employees will need to have one. It’s where an auditor checks your business’s records for accuracy, honesty and risk. It can be a laborious process. But at Cooper Parry, our award-winning audit and assurance team are out to change the audit experience.

Our industry has given audit a bad name. New clients join us expecting it to be a long, hard slog during which they’re endlessly interrogated and shamed for any tiny errors. You’re probably used to the same – a painful process year after year. But, that’s just not how we work.


We’re out to change the audit experience. We’ve created an audit process like no other focused around collaboration and technology. Unlike other accountants, we aren’t afraid to challenge the way you do things to help you achieve success.

Working with us will give you the expertise of a Big Four accountancy firm but with a more personal experience. Lots of our team have a Big Four background before moving to Cooper Parry (where the grass is much greener). Our team has depth, we’re big on customer service and our auditors have personality. It’s this approach that has won us numerous awards.

We know you’re not just looking for any old auditor. You’re looking for an audit partner with the systems, processes and relevant experience to handle your business. Yet, you’re also looking for an auditor who’s flexible, sticks to timelines and who’ll prioritise your audit amongst others. You want an adviser that understands your business and strategy as well as the regulatory requirements that you must meet. A team that has expertise in the latest accountancy standards is a necessity.

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A bespoke audit approach


We’ll start by spending time with you to fully understand your business, opportunities, challenges and strategic aims. Then, we’ll shape our relationship, plan and timetable for the year around how you want it to work.


Having this solid foundation of understanding from the outset means we can immediately start to add insight, observations and value to our relationship to go above and beyond your expectations. We’ll deliver exactly what you need, when and where you need it.


We’ll seek feedback to constantly refine our service and improve it for you, always aiming to deliver a level of quality you’d recommend to others.

Richard Jones
National Head of Audit

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‘We invited several audit firms to tender for our Statutory audit. As a leading audit, tax advisory and risk firm ourselves, all of these firms were our direct competitors.  Cooper Parry stood out from the other shortlisted candidates with an impressive pitch and their down to earth approach. They showed a clear understanding of our business and demonstrated how they would approach our audit.

The experience of working with Cooper Parry has been a positive one. The promises and assurances made by Cooper Parry during their tender proposal were then delivered in practice. The audit team communicated clearly and concisely at all stages of the assignment with minimal disruption to our day-to-day operations. All members of the team have always been friendly and courteous in their dealings with our staff and have retained a professional approach throughout.

We have found Cooper Parry to be proactive in having timely and open conversations about deliverables and fees, and our timetables have always been met.’

‘Cooper Parry has supported us in certifying our offsetting methods, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability. Though getting third party assurance for our carbon offsetting program is not yet a standard or required in the industry, we felt it was necessary to show our guests and partners that we are serious in our efforts around environmental protection. Our activities, including the development of new services such as our City to City program which connects metropolitan areas in eleven countries, are geared towards contributing to a sustainable future.

“The process was straightforward for us with CP interviewing the Blacklane team to understand the governance and review process for data management and collection of the rides. They then analysed and tested the key structures, systems, processes, procedures and controls related to the collation, validation and reporting of the sustainability performance data. Lastly, the Cooper Parry team performed recalculations in order to corroborate the tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted, carbon credits purchased and the carbon credits retired.

“CP really assisted us in achieving milestones as we reduce the impact of carbon emissions through our business.’

‘We have been working with Cooper Parry for the last two years on the annual audits for the group companies, following a move to look for a proactive approach to our strategic account management.  The last two audits have been very smooth where the team has become up to speed with the knowledge of our company and its accounts swifter than we had expected.  Last year we invested in a major factory expansion, and specifically Cooper Parry offered the service to review all the related Capital Allowances for the project.  I am pleased to say this project was a real success and notably carried out without absorbing key Management time within our business.’.



“Pragmatic, balanced audits delivered on time and on budget. Thank you!”


“Professional service. Good communications.”


“Results in line with expectations – from a cash perspective lower than hoped but I feel CP helped us get the max for the spend we had.”


“The audit team are very easy to deal with and take a common sense approach which helps to make the audit process as pain free as possible. The staff are always friendly yet professional. Any queries and requests raised are always sensible and valid. The fees are also competitive.”


“An improvement from last year, weekly catch ups definitely helped to mange the workflows.”


“I feel I have a great relationship with David, and we understand each other. We have between us, had a great year end and was very happy how we completed the accounts..”


“Very supportive as we have brought the audit forward this year. Technical guidance is relevant and timely. Tax support well rounded across all relevant areas.”


“CP team have been approachable, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Improvements? Perhaps a few more blogs/technical updates.”


“Good communication, timely input, available when we need you..”


“The first audit has been performed efficiently with excellent communication and without any issues of note.”

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