Robust Year End Function

22 January '23

1 minute read

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A bit about our client

They’re a BCorp with a £30m turnover and a distributor of wholesale foods. They’re a bit different. They only deal in fine food for independent retailers.

TheiR challenge

The fast growth of our client meant they needed advisers who could be fleet of foot. Helping them scale up their finance operation. Bigger, more complex numbers needed to be interrogated on a regular basis. Historical discrepancies needed to be cleaned up.

How we helped

We worked very closely with this distribution company to provide a robust year-end function. Helping them tidy up historical issues. We’ve considered and advised on their financial landscape. Assisting with their first upcoming audit. Advising on their EMI scheme valuation.


We understand the challenges posed by rapid growth. It’s great though there are buts. That first audit adds another level of worry. We get that you need advisers who respond quickly. Who are always on hand to answer the big and small questions.