Wealth Clients John & Anne

23 August '21

3 minute read

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John and Anne have both had jam packed careers. John in the textile industry and Anne in bio-pharmaceuticals. A joint venture took them in a new direction and in 2007 they sold their Petrol Station business.

The couple had an existing investment portfolio with one of the larger banks, but the crash of 2008 changed things for many people, not least John and Anne!

“We wanted to travel regularly and support our children”

The financial crisis changed the way John and Anne thought about their money and they knew it was important to protect it – after all they had dreams to fulfil and a retirement to enjoy. A little time after 2008 David Holmes became the couple’s adviser.

We helped John and Anne shape their financial goals and make them a reality. They wanted to travel, enjoy their hard-earned retirement and make sure their children could get the education they needed for their careers to take shape. This is where we came in…

“The projections are so useful – there is no bullsh*t when it comes to David”

“We have a great relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth, the team is always welcoming and so is the office! I would recommend them to any of my friends. Most importantly we reap the rewards of their advice every day and seeing our aspirations coming to fruition is amazing!”

John and Anne have visited all 7 continents of the world and supported both their children through university – one is a teacher and the other training to be a vet. “Both of these things were long term goals for us, we wouldn’t have achieved them without the help of Cooper Parry Wealth”.

“The projections we see are so reassuring”

“We meet with the team once or twice every year and they show us what we need to know in a way that is easy to understand and extremely reassuring. Cash flow projections are a great example, we can see how much money we’re going to need and how to make sure we have enough. This isn’t just based on our life now, it brings in all kinds of changes that might come up over the years – so much has changed already but it doesn’t stop the team from giving us sensible advice that guides our decisions”.