Have all the financial reporting developments, sector challenges and getting ready for the year end audit got you scratching your head?

Watch this interactive session as our Not for Profit team and guest speaker Phil Curtis cover the key sector developments and challenges you need know about; sharing knowledge gems to keep you on track and in the know. You can also view the speaker slides here.



Nick Simkins Partner, Head of Not For Profit

Nick is our Head of the Not for Profit team.  He leads the dedicated and specialist team of people who work with a diverse range of clients in education, charities and membership organisations.    

“The Not for Profit sector is in my soul.  It’s a caring and hugely important part of our society that touches everyone of us in our everyday lives.  Everyday it’s a privilege to help and support our clients in the amazing work that they do”.  

Andy Jones Director, Not For Profit

Andy is a Director in the Not For Profit team. He has significant experience in working with academies, independent schools, charities and other not for profit organisations, and specialises in providing audit and assurance services as well as advising on financial reporting, internal controls and governance. 

Sarah Chambers Education Services Senior Manager, Not For Profit

Sarah is a fellow of ISBL and leads on internal scrutiny for academies at Cooper Parry. Her experience in the education and corporate sectors gives her a unique perspective. She’s also a governor at a maintained primary school.

Bhavesh Patel Not For Profit Manager

Bhavesh is a manager in our Not For Profit team. He’s worked closely with business managers and their finance teams from a range of academies, helping them plan and prepare for an efficient and effective audit. He has practical experience in helping academies of all sizes, from newly converted, single academies going through their first year audits, all the way up to coordinating the audit of established, large-scale MATs.

Glen Bott Not For Profit Director

Glen works with a variety of clients across the Not for Profit sector, including local and regional charities, academies and colleges. By sharing best practice and improving the robustness and efficiency of their systems and controls, Glen’s aim is to enable his clients to focus on delivering their strategic mission and objectives, safe in the knowledge that their financial reporting systems are efficient, accurate and fully compliant.

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