Scaling Stateside: US expansion and fundraising

Thursday 9 May
Wilson Sonsini London - Eden House, 8 Spital Square, London, England E1 6DU

3 minute read

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Scaling companies that start and grow their businesses in the UK often set their sights on the US as later-stage funding rounds approach and expansion is on the horizon.

That’s where our US expansion and fundraising dream team comes in.

Our fantastic four are coming together to discuss what it actually takes to plan, navigate and execute your growth stateside and raise money in the highly competitive US market.

Meet the panel:

Paul Fifield – Paul has 20 + years of experience in founding and scaling UK companies into the US and global markets. Over the last 14 years he has taken four UK companies stateside, all of which have become US market leaders. Paul has also raised over $100M in venture capital predominantly from US funds at all stages.

James Peck – James is Head of Tax for the Tech & High Growth team at Cooper Parry, he works with scaling companies taking a holistic view of the business and works with key stakeholders to mitigate risk, drive value and help them prepare for fundraising, sale or IPO.

Daniel Glazer – Dan leads the US Expansion group and the London office at Silicon Valley-headquartered Wilson Sonsini, which has represented more tech companies on their venture financings, M&A transactions, and IPOs than any other law firm globally.

David Rose – As CEO at US Expansion Partners, David Rose leads a team that helps European technology companies navigate the complexities of launching, managing, and scaling operations in the United States. He is a 5X venture backed startup veteran and 3X CEO.

This session will take you through best practices when it comes scaling and raising capital stateside.

Here’s just a taster of the topics the group will be chatting through on the night:

  • When should I consider establishing US operations?
  • When should I look to raise money from US VCs?
  • Do I need a US company to raise money from US VCs?
  • When do I need to create a US company?
  • Where is the best place to set up in the States?
  • How long does US set up take and how much does it cost?
  • How do I sell/pitch in the US as a British/non-US founder?
  • How is hiring different in the US, and what’s the optimal US team?
  • Does everyone really sue each other all the time in the US?
  • Are there government resources to assist with US expansion?

If you’d like to submit a question in advance, please do so using the order form.

The discussion will be followed by refreshments, light bites and hopefully a golden hour glow on the Wilson Sonsini balcony.

We hope you can join us!