We understand that being a finance lead in a high-growth business means dealing with many conflicting pressures and having to move fast to solve problems. You need advice and support that cuts through the noise.

Our high growth low down videos enable you to gen up on all the key issues facing scale-ups. From share incentives and R&D, and international expansion to getting ready for diligence or your first audit, our videos highlight how to avoid the common errors that could seriously impact your growth and leave you exposed during future funding rounds.

This series of no-nonsense, jargon-free insight videos shoots from the hip. Simple as.

Video / 4 Jan 2021

The long and the short of EMI Schemes: very easy to set up; and very easy to get wrong!

Video / 5 Jan 2022

Here we cover trading in vs. trading with, creating a presence, overseas workers, tax residence for corporates and overseas developers.

Video / 6 Jan 2022

Tailored for finance people in scale-ups coming into their first year audit or those dealing with reporting issues in scale-ups for the first time.

Video / 7 Jan 2022

Here we cover the core areas scale up CEOs and CFOs need to be aware of as they develop international operations.

Video / 8 Jan 2023

In one punchy and information-packed video, Cooper Parry’s Tech & High Growth team explores due diligence – specifically for fast-growth tech businesses.

Video / 8 Jan 2022

Keep existing team members happy with tax efficient awards, attract fresh talent, and stay the course when it comes to growth.


Often seen as the go-to equity incentive scheme for start-ups and scaling businesses, we’re delving deeper into how you go about implementing an EMI plan.


The number of HMRC R&D enquiries has never been as high as it is right now. Head of R&D, Jonny Brewster and Head of Tax, James Peck of Cooper Parry’s Tech & High Growth Team are looking at why, and what this means for you.

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