Steve Leith
14 September '21

3 minute read

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Cooper Parry partners with employee volunteering app, onHand to boost employee wellbeing and drive social impact.

Today we’ve announced our new partnership with the fast growing on-demand employee volunteering app, onHand.

Launched during our ‘Wellbeing Week’, we have impressive goals to help local communities with a pledge to give 365 days of volunteering each year. onHand’s award-winning solution aims to make employee volunteering as easy as ordering a takeaway and looks to combat some of society’s biggest challenges facing the world today.

Our UK wide team now have the opportunity to volunteer for the causes that matter the most to them and can be matched with activities such as befriending phone calls to tackle loneliness, food drops to local food banks, youth mentoring to inspire the next generations, eco-cleanups and helping the elderly with simple tasks.

Missions to help can be picked up on the on-Hand app and are typically micro, to be completed in under an hour. These are either local (based on an employee’s location), group-based for teams, or can be completed remotely to suit individual needs.

onHand also aims to support our sustainability goals by planting trees for all 400+ employees, starting a Cooper Parry forest that will increase in numbers based on the amount of local volunteering completed.

onHand raised a £1m seed round in June 2021 from Northstar Ventures to expand its reach across all of the UK.

Ade Cheatham, CEO at Cooper Parry, said:

“Giving back to our local communities and the flexibility to fit your work around your life are two key cornerstones of our culture here at Cooper Parry. The onHand app marries the two together beautifully, giving our people the chance to make a massive difference to others’ lives, without sacrificing any commitments they have in their own. Add to that the wellbeing benefits that come from helping others, and this partnership quickly becomes a no-brainer.”

Sanjay Lobo, CEO at onHand, added:

“We’re delighted to partner with Cooper Parry by adding on-demand volunteering to their range of employee benefits, helping boost wellbeing and purpose and delivering impact to their local communities. In addition, we aim to support their sustainability goals by planting a Cooper Parry forest, the good employees deliver will translate into increased global impact through onHand planting 100’s – and we hope in time 1000’s of trees.”

Steve Leith, Head of Tech & High Growth at Cooper Parry, said:

“Supporting high growth tech-enabled companies is a core part of our strategy at Cooper Parry – not only in how we work with founders, CFOs and Boards, but also how we think about using game changing products such as onHand for the benefit of the firm and the wider communities in which we operate. Look out for our upcoming CP Tech100 series where we will be showcasing more innovative and fast growing businesses changing the game in both businesses and consumers.”