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Well, it’s not just a notion. It’s proven. Time and time again.

The deep research backs up the bravado and confirms what we’ve always thought: if you get the culture in your business right, everything will magically fall into place.

Our culture is at the heart of what we do. Clients tell us that our people are “approachable”, “bright” and “inquisitive”. That’s because we don’t just hire individuals who’ve swallowed a few accountancy textbooks.

A while ago, we created a Culture Book based on what people thought about working here. It’s what makes us, us. Nothing was edited (apart from the odd spelling), so what you read is what they said. Verbatim.

Take a look here. We’re proud of it.

Our values are the vital guiding principles of our firm – they're what makes us tick, what drives our passion, what’s at our core. That’s why we’re so proud to be B Corp certified. Our values define who we are as people. They’re the specific behaviours we look for in all that we do. They’re how we interact with each other, our clients and our business partners. They attract like-minded people to us and weed out those that don’t fit. We hold them above all else.


We are adventurous, show entrepreneurial spirit, take smart risks and set outrageously big goals. We experiment. We dare to try new things with little fear of failure. We take tough decisions, push back and always challenge the status quo. We’re candid and fearless in calling out actions that work against our values and culture.


We’re filled with passion, energy and an irrepressible enthusiasm to get things done. We compete hard to win, with almost limitless belief. We dream big and imagine the unimaginable. We have an inner hunger, we move fast and always place big bets.​​


We’re passionately curious and thrive on change. Every morning we get up, searching for a new way – a better way. We’re independent thinkers and we take ownership for our own development. Standing still either as a business or individually isn’t an option. We never stop growing, always questioning, always adapting, always stretching – reaching for more than we ever thought possible. Our capacity to grow knows no boundaries.


We treat others well. We trust and are trusted. We play it straight, are candid and honest. No talking behind backs or ‘throwing stones’. No bitching, moaning or groaning. We’re authentic and real. We show humility and vulnerability. Acting with integrity we take responsibility for past actions, admit mistakes and fix them.


All for one and one for all. Celebrating every success, big or small. There’s no place for egos, politics or silo thinking. We search for and apply the best ideas – and share knowledge – regardless of the source. We treat the business as if it’s our own because we care deeply about CP. It doesn’t matter who you are – just what you do!