Our People

Rosalind Chapman

  • VAT Senior Manager

Our People

Rosalind Chapman

  • VAT Senior Manager

What do you do?

I help companies understand the VAT rules in the UK and the EU so they can pay the right amount of VAT, at the right time and in the right jurisdiction.  

It’s not all about the Jaffa cake case or not necessarily always 20%. 

Why do you do it?

I fell into it by being allocated it on a graduate scheme, tried something else but found that I loved VAT too much. 

It has been described to me as a dark art like in Harry Potter. 

The real reason I do it is because I am really nosey and I need to know all about the particular business before we can advise. 

I love working in CP due to the flexibility, being able to be myself and I love the office fish! 

What kind of projects have you been involved in?

At my previous employers I have done everything from advising funeral homes, advising on the VAT liability of meal replacement drinks for the fitness and bodybuilding market, the VAT liability of fertility products and structuring and apportionment for an opticians group. 

I have also advised clients on buying out companies, VAT recovery on deal fees and VAT consequences of structuring.  

What’s on top of your bucket list?

Take the children to Disneyland Florida – I have wanted to go since I was little. 

Take the children to Lapland 

Travel to Russia