Our People

Tara Walker

  • Tax Manager

Our People

Tara Walker

  • Tax Manager

What do you do?

I work in our Shareholder Tax team, helping businesses across all industries, ensuring they carry out their “big” transactions in a tax-efficient (and commercially sensible) way. This ranges from advising on corporate restructuring and demergers, or business acquisitions/disposals, to setting up employee share schemes, and much more! 

But I don’t just “react” to what our clients tell us they want to do with their business, I give proactive tax advice. As businesses grow and evolve, their tax and structuring needs will change, and I’ll help make sure that maximum savings and efficiencies are always made. I’ll also keep on top of new or changing tax laws, and let clients know about topical risks and opportunities relevant to them (in plain English!)  

I am lucky to work with a talented group of people in our wider tax team, so I can also assist with other areas such as R&D or capital allowances claims. Basically, for anything tax-related, I can either help or introduce you to someone who can! 

Why do you do it?

At school, I was the math geek, and my teacher signed me up to an accountancy summer school when I was 17. I met loads of people from across the industry, learned so much, and instantly fell in love. 

I was born and bred in Lincoln, so the first 9 years of my accountancy career were spent with regional firms, where I was lucky enough to learn from so many amazing people, as well as getting my qualifications. 

Ultimately, I began to specialise in shareholder taxes, and I love saving clients money, deciphering “tax-talk” for them, and taking some of the stress out of their major business decisions. 

I joined CP early in 2020 and I love the culture and atmosphere here.  

What kind of projects have you been involved in?

I’ve assisted clients with demergers – separating their businesses into different groups, where more than one activity has been built up in the same company. There are loads of benefits and reasons for doing this, so get in touch if you want to know more! 

Over the years I’ve worked with some really interesting clients, including people that make robots, and I’m excited to carry on meeting new people and seeing what else is in store. 

What’s on top of your bucket list?

I’m a proper yogi and I’d love to go on a yoga retreat in India, where it all began, to learn more about the history and the deeper practices of yoga. 

I also love fast cars and I’d love to drive an Aston Martin or a Porsche round a track!

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