UK VAT legislation and regulations are notoriously complex, and few businesses have in-house VAT specialists. It’s no surprise that HMRC are raising an increasing number of VAT assessments and penalties every year.

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Our core business focuses on specialist VAT compliance and VAT consultancy. We’ll work with you closely to form a real understanding of your business, looking into the detail behind any transaction and adding significant value throughout the various phases of a project.

VAT gets everywhere and can have major implications for your business. It gets even more complicated if you’re a charity or not-for-profit. Partial exemption rules make things even more complicated. And they’re subject to change.

We’ve helped with everything from:

  • Non-VAT registered holding companies that are carrying on taxable activities.
  • Capital goods scheme obligations on real estate portfolios.
  • VAT arrangements for company car portfolios and the link to HP, leasing and business vs personal use.
  • Correcting where companies haven’t made use of lowest rate of VAT available (refund claimed).
  • Helped where businesses have simply got it wrong. Whether that’s claiming VAT on business entertainment using the wrong VAT rate on multiple transactions or input tax over claims in relation to for example leased cars.
  • We can make sure you don’t get caught out with any nasty VAT surprises.

When it comes to VAT you need to remember that it’s a transactional tax. VAT errors occur in almost every business. Often these are not major errors but the danger with VAT is it can cause ongoing issues. An error can be repeated and compounded with every transaction your business carries out.

Getting it wrong can make you vulnerable to HMRC penalties.

HMRC expects businesses to pay due care and attention to the VAT rules. Whilst HMRC says it doesn’t view penalties as an additional revenue stream, that’s not always reflected in the behaviour of frontline staff.

Penalties for VAT errors are based on the conduct that led to the error occurring. If a business has made an error but has taken ‘reasonable care’, no penalty will be due.

Specialist Compliance and Consultancy

Our core business focuses on specialist VAT compliance and consultancy. We’ll work with you closely to form a real understanding of your business, looking into the detail behind any transaction and adding significant value throughout the various phases of a project.

VAT Services

VAT Advisory

We’ll work with you to mitigate the VAT cost and administrative burden associated with material capital transactions. This includes your estate strategy, your Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity, property transactions and your outsourcing plans.

VAT Compliance Services

From basic support and checking of pre-prepared returns, right through to the full outsourcing of your VAT compliance function – working with our team will give you complete peace of mind.

VAT Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our VAT team  have a strong, long-standing relationship with HMRC. And we’ve got a huge amount of experience in resolving VAT  disputes in a collaborative, cost-efficient manner – giving you the peace of mind to stay focused on your business and its growth.

Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) regime

We’ll help you with an end-to-end independent review of your internal processes for Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) compliance purposes. We’ll talk you through any risks, and together we’ll overcome the unique challenges this regime can present.

Insights, Technology and Training

We offer market leading products and support to future proof your VAT function. Our solutions give you centralised visibility over global indirect tax obligations, trend analysis, error detection, tailored checks and analytics, and end-to-end process simplification.

Indirect Tax

International Supply Chain

We understand the complexities that come with trading overseas. We can help you conduct a thorough supply chain review keeping you compliant and efficient.

Plastic Packaging Tax

Comes into force April 2022. The tax applies to company’s that manufacture plastic packaging or import plastic packaging into the UK and the plastic packaging contains less than 30% recycled plastic, it even includes packaging that is already filled.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Customs Duties


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“Great service and always timely communication. I feel we have a partner supplier rather than just an auditor”


“We always get a quick reply whenever we have an issue or a query. It was a very good team of auditors that undertook our audit once again – a mixture of continuity and some new faces – and accommodating our tight reporting deadline was much appreciated”


“My first encounter with the CP audit team and I was impressed. Calm, reliable, organised and ultimately professional. Understanding and sympathetic to our circumstances and keen to work with us to achieve an outcome”


“Smooth audit with knowledgeable and friendly staff. I have received great input from both audit partner and manager in my first year as CFO. I have appreciated the pragmatic and flexible approach”


“Robust communication. Excellent support. Supportive business partnership”


“Always prompt with accurate advice and accounts. Cannot think how you can improve”


“Audit processes work very well with Inflo and supported well by phone calls or Teams calls throughout the audit process. Outside of audits, advice on any matters financial is usually quick and helpful and never appears to be too much trouble. Any of the audit teams we have worked with throughout the years have always shown the same friendly professionalism that is supportive, fair and informative, which is crucial when and if things don’t always go to plan or unexpected outcomes occur. Thank you very much”


“The team are always responsive and their approach to audit is refreshingly solution orientated. I already refer them on a regular basis”