23 October '20

2 minute read

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“Cooper Parry aim to deal with any challenge we throw at them, with minimal disruption, and no fuss. The team has a good understanding of the tech space, with the experience to anticipate the support we need as we continue to grow. We needed a firm who didn’t create roadblocks and friction whilst delivering robust and reliable work.

When it came to our audit, they took the time to really learn about the business and delivered the work in a pragmatic, efficient manner. This meant we could get our R&D claim submitted without delay, and now, Cooper Parry are supporting with the international aspects of our business in Spain and the US, including considerations around transfer pricing and intellectual property.

A big challenge for scale-ups is proportionate-level advice with proportionate-level fees. The Cooper Parry team get this and we feel comfortable we are having honest, trusted conversations. Plus, their responses are always fast and cut to the chase.

We were slightly apprehensive about leaving our old, Big 4 audit firm in the beginning, but the attention and expertise the Cooper Parry team showed us soon put any concerns to rest. We can definitely recommend working with them”

Stuart Taylor- CFO


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