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30 August '23

2 minute read

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‘Our first engagement with Cooper Parry was with the Tech & High Growth’s tax team for R&D tax credits. We’ve been really happy so far: our CTO and Engineering Manager said it was the best initial advice they’d ever seen in terms of the team having a deep technical understanding of what we do and being able to articulate into a report. The team make sure we claim everything we possibly can but in realistic manner, not inflating things which could raise flags with HMRC or potentially cause a later issue. They fundamentally understand that for start-ups cash is key so getting the R&D approved quickly is critical. They always achieve this so it’s been a good move.

“In addition to tax advice, Cooper Parry are now our accountants. David in the audit team is readily available if I need a quick chat: things can get technical quickly so having an adviser who is willing to give their quick input and guidance is invaluable. CP’s Tech & High Growth offering means we get advisers who are genuinely interested in what we do as a tech start-up, as well as being warm & friendly people to deal with which is always nice.’

Peter Cumberland – Financial Controller
Device Authority


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