Food Attraction

10 October '20

2 minute read

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“We started working with Cooper Parry after an introductory call from one of their team. We had considered moving advisors as we had outgrown our current advisors who had acted just as our accountants.  We felt we needed a firm to understand the business and its needs and build a relationship with that would support us on our scale up journey to disrupt the food-to-go market. 

 We have worked with local and national firms in the past but felt that from the initial meeting, the team at Cooper Parry understood our business and sector and made a significant effort to establish a two-way relationship from the outset.  

The benefit of working with Cooper Parry has been that the relationship is very much one based on a partnership and understanding of the business. The team have supported us on our journey to grow the business with often disruptive, proactive thought. Supporting entrepreneurs is very much in the DNA of Cooper Parry, from their HUB CP program of events to the entrepreneurial networks that we have access to, have been invaluable to us as a business that is growing and the opportunity to share our experiences with other entrepreneurs has been very beneficial. 

We partnered with Cooper Parry to tap into their expertise and their experience of working with corporates. By mixing our entrepreneurial mindset and immigrant work ethic with the expertise of our advisors, we know that we will get to the next level and beyond.” 

Jake Karia – Founder
Food Attraction