11 December '23

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“At Kairos, we’ve worked with the CP Tech & High Growth team for coming on 2-years. The team’s support has been invaluable, and we love working with them – they’re are always willing and available to support, and do so in a manner that really shows they understand our business and our industry. CP supports Kairos on a 360 basis, providing support across all areas of our business where required, from aspects of tax compliance, through to the set-up and considerations when structuring EMI schemes, statutory audits and international expansion (covering all the pitfalls and considerations we as a management team should be thinking through). CP’s support, collaboration and commitment has been critical in our continued business success and we expect the team to be part of our journey as we continue moving forwards – we simply wouldn’t choose another partner.”

Jake Bingham ACA – Managing Partner, Group Finance Director


Kairos Group is a global gaming media group that connects businesses to gamers. Providing agency services, intellectual property and expertise within the creator economy.