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3 August '23

2 minute read

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‘Although Cooper Parry are our corporation tax compliance advisers, we engaged them last year to optimise a Capital Allowances claim in respect of a large refurbishment project we were undertaking at our Head Office in Derby.

Cooper Parry didn’t just help us with the Capital Allowances claim:  it was actually from their offices that some design ideas for our own offices originated! We chose Cooper Parry for the Capital Allowances engagement because they are local to us, meaning that they could easily visit to gain an understanding of the specific changes we had made.  Although the project required combined technical knowledge of construction and tax legislation, the expertise of the Cooper Parry team made the process feel as unobtrusive for our business as possible and the report produced at the end engendered our confidence.

Although the primary purpose of the project wasn’t to claim Capital Allowances, it is pleasing to know that we have optimised a form of tax relief we are entitled to.  Subsequently, we engaged Cooper Parry to help us with our R&D relief claims, which they have also helped us to optimise.’

Lisa Newbold – Chief Financial Officer
LKAB Minerals


LKAB Minerals supplies raw and processed industrial mineral solutions to a range of markets worldwide.