Samuel Heath and Sons

15 August '23

2 minute read

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‘Cooper Parry helped Samuel Heath with a claim for Patent Box. We already had a relationship for our general UK tax returns, R&D claims, and referrals for international returns. We had heard of Patent Box, but not thought it would be worthwhile for us. CP helped us understand that it could make a valuable difference, and that the process would be very straight forward. Our first claim, including catch up, was completed in some 3 months. Now we have the principles set, it will be quick and easy for anything in the future. Engaging was quite simple as we already had a relationship, and trust. We supplied some basic information and a little while later the drafts came back. A bit of discussion and update, and the claim was ready to go. We received the repayment in weeks, all handled by the CP team.’

Simon Latham – Financial Director
Samuel Heath and Sons PLC


Samuel Heath has been making quality brass products from the same site in Birmingham for 200 years, now making Taps and Showers, Bathroom Accessories, and Architectural Hardware for customers around the world who appreciate quality and great design.