Sharing In Growth

22 January '24

1 minute read

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Cooper Parry continue to provide collaborative guidance and support on sustainability (ESG), including introductions to ESG champions across industry sectors, sharing stories, best practice, perspectives, and experiences of their challenges, actions and ambitions for businesses and the planet. Sharing in Growth has an existing business relationship with Cooper Parry, providing financial expertise for our clients. The friendly and inclusive approach throughout the Cooper Parry team is inspiring, helping to accelerate networking and enthusiasm to get involved. Completing their online ESG assessment tool has given Sharing in Growth a baseline ESG position, and the feedback and recommendations have challenged us to plan how ESG is considered in everything that we do; we’d made a great start in doing the right things, but there is always more to do. Exciting times are ahead, working with Cooper Parry to embed and implement ESG within business transformation activities by inspiring people, improving profit and environment.

Phil Coombs
Engineering and Quality Coach


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