14 June '24

1 minute read

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“We wanted a firm focused on high growth who could handle the nuances and challenges that scaling businesses face. A first-year audit which can be a daunting proposition if you’ve never been through one before and we didn’t just want an adviser with experience, we wanted one who would help us get value out of the audit and not just do a box ticking exercise. What’s great about them is they’re pre-emptive in their work and have seen a lot of businesses at the various stages of growth so can point us in the right direction for the scope of services we do (or don’t) require as we scale.”


Wild Cosmetics is the UK’s fastest growing online health & beauty brand. They launched the UK’s first plastic-free, refillable deodorant in the week the UK went into lockdown. The business has since experienced exponential growth as consumers increasingly look for ways to reduce plastic in their lives.