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    Whatever size your company is, whatever stage of its growth journey, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need legal support to help you achieve your commercial and personal objectives.

    Maybe you’re looking to raise funds and expand operations. Or you have a mature business with more complex operating requirements. Maybe you’re a founder looking to exit the business. We deliver legal support and solutions that’ll help you navigate the complexity of the associated legal requirements.

    We also cover the legal aspects of things such as the issue of shares to founders, owners, employees and investors. The sale and purchase of assets. Corporate governance and advisory issues. Our Business Law team works closely with our Business Tax, Employment Tax and Deals teams to ensure you get the best possible solution that takes into account all your business needs.


    Buying and selling a business

    We help with the legal aspects when it comes to buying and selling a business for companies of all sizes. From across all sectors. Whether its for the whole company or just part of it. From reorganisations and restructures through to management buy-outs, employee ownership and joint ventures.

    We work with management teams, owners, shareholders and investors to guide them through the legal requirements and process to a successful conclusion. We’ll help you address the risks and overcome challenges inherent in buying, selling or restructuring a business. Our focus is on making sure that the transaction progresses efficiently and you get the deal done in your time frame.

    Business Contracts

    Your business contracts should reflect how you want to do business and at the same time ensure that your interests are protected. We’ll make sure contracts are developed in line with your commercial circumstances and changes in legislation.  We deliver different types of contracts and agreements for our clients. From one off  contracts for high value and specific items through to standardised terms of business for agreements with suppliers and customers.

    Shareholder Solutions

    We can help you structure your business to help it grow and achieve your shareholders’ ambitions, all while guaranteeing the business runs smoothly day to day. That includes tax restructuring, drafting bespoke shareholder agreements, service agreements and articles of association.


    Advice that helps you meet your legal obligations while being sensitive to your culture, staff morale and performance. We help with all aspects of structuring benefits and remuneration packages for your employees. From contracts and agreements through to employee benefits and shareholder agreements.

    Real Estate

    Real estate has many associated legal issues which cut across different areas. From commercial property where we provide legal input to owners, occupiers and investors. We cover all areas from acquisition and disposal of property, sale and purchase contracts to property audits and reviews.

    When it comes to property development our specialist property lawyers can assist at all stages, from site acquisition to the construction phases all the way to realising development value and profit. We work with complex projects offering strategic advice at all stages of development whether that relates to real estate acquisitions, planning and construction legal requirements through to sales.


    Ready to make it happen? We can help you think outside the box. Find the right solution to your needs in a flexible way. Whatever questions you have about your legal matters or the legal support we can provide, we’re confident we’ll have the answers.

    Best of all we bring the added benefit of access to a whole range of CP services. From help with wealth managementCapital Allowances and R&D tax relief claims through to VAT and employment tax advice. Whatever questions you have, we’re confident we’ll have the answers. But go on, try us.

    We like to build long term relationships with our clients. We’ll get under the skin of your business. We want to understand the challenges and the opportunities facing you. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach around here.

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