Creating A Financial Ecosystem

22 January '23

3 minute read

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A bit about our client

What excites us about this UK based advertising agency is that it’s an entrepreneurial and innovative business. Like CP they’re looking to rip up the rule book and bring something fresh to an under-served market.

TheIR challenge

Our client’s ambition is to give scale-up brands the chance to grow fast and punch above their weight through advertising. Scrapping months and months of meetings and overly inflated costs. They’ve committed to this proposition. Leading with the brand name that encapsulates that ethos. They’re the new kids on the block. Despite this doing exceptionally well already. That’s because they’re bringing something compelling and unique to their clients. And they’re delivering real results.

How we helped

We’ve helped our client build an Accounting and Finance function that works as part of this Ad agency’s growth ecosystem. It’s aligned to the company’s overall operation without restricting it in anyway. It’s helping them to maximise their potential.

We achieved this by paying special attention to the uniqueness of their business. Taking a personal approach to understanding this agency’s needs. We then worked closely with them to implement flexible, affordable Cloud Accounting technology.

By implementing robust systems and optimising the ecosystem, the team at the agency have access to reliable financial insights. On demand when they need it to aid in critical business decisions.

We worked closely with them to leverage Cloud Accounting technology in their finances. Enhancing operational performance so they can become even more competitive. Putting the system in place took away the need for time and resource previously used to manage finance. This resource was then re-allocated to core company activity while we took care of the finance requirements. We worked with them to design and implement a right-sized solution, including processes and control. Helping them easily overcome the typical bottlenecks and pain points that can hold a company back


Setting up an effective finance function isn’t always easy. Ambitious growing companies need access to robust detailed management information. Decision making needs to be underpinned by the financials, giving confidence in your direction of travel.