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It started with Dry January and Sober October, but now, as consumers continue to become increasingly health-conscious, the low and no-alcohol beverage market is growing, innovating and evolving at pace.

Statistics from Global Data suggest one fifth of British adults under 25 are teetotal, with similar trends across Europe. So, this isn’t a short-term fad. The growth of “low and no” is here to stay.

As drinks manufacturers tap into these opportunities, developing new flavours, using new ingredients and embracing innovation to fine-tune and improve their production methods, the scope for R&D – and in turn, R&D tax relief – is huge.

That’s why the Cooper Parry R&D Incentives team are hosting this roundtable event, 29 April, 4-6pm, to discuss the market’s key trends and where all your opportunities lie.

PLUS: We’ll be tasting some delicious low and no-alcohol gins together.

Just the tonic in times like these.


If you’re interested in coming along, let us know at events@cooperparry.com.


Date: 29/04/2021 – 4:00pm – 6:00pm


Rebecca Prince R&D Incentives Senior Manager

With years of experience fuelling businesses and their innovation through the R&D scheme, Rebecca is our lead on all things Food & Beverage, and she’ll be sharing her insights from across the sector.

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