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Dan and Mel Marsden are the childhood sweethearts turned ‘yin and yang’ Co-founders behind the Solihull-born, globally booming brand, Lounge Underwear.

Since the pair founded Lounge in 2015, the team has grown from 2 to 120 people. They’ve featured in the Fast Track 100, with 250% organic growth in the last year alone. They’ve conquered international markets as far as Australia, collecting a whopping 2.3m Instagram followers in the process. And now, they’ve welcomed a baby daughter to the Lounge team.

It’s an incredible story, beginning with a well-timed foray into influencer marketing, powered today by a community and company with body positivity, authenticity, customer experience and culture at their core.

Not known for resting on their laurels, Dan and Mel want to create “the world’s biggest underwear brand”, for two different reasons. And after glimpsing into their whirring minds in the HUB CP Live Lounge, well, who’s gonna stop them?