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The Tech & High Growth Startup team work directly with entrepreneurs, supporting them in meeting their compliance obligations and preparing for scale.

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Doing what the small firms can’t and the big firms won’t

The Tech & High Growth Start-up team exist to help venture backed companies fulfil their potential and scale when the time is right. We are a bridge to the venture capitalist ecosystem and recognise that the best early stage businesses, are only early stage for so long.

So, whilst our specialist team are focussed on ensuring your reporting and compliance ticks all the right boxes, they’re also working with you to understand your plans for scale and how we can make that happen for you and your business.

Our start-up team are one with the scale-up team. With expertise across all service lines, working exclusively with businesses in the high growth ecosystem.

Taking businesses from seed to series c, to unicorn and beyond – we don’t tap out when your accounting and advisory needs change. Delivering advice at speed without the red tape.

You can see how this holistic approach comes together below…

It’s not if you grow, it’s when…

When you’re in the thick of growing a dynamic business you want to work with a team that can match your pace and perseverance. What you don’t need is changing faces or worse, no real people at all.

Advisory, accounting, VAT, payroll, bookkeeping, software, subscriptions and strategic finance – we can do it, so can every other start-up firm, right?

We actively work to ensure you don’t need to be with an early stage accountant forever, we want you to graduate to a scale-up requirement. Now not every other firm is saying that, are they?

Whether it’s helping you build internal finance functions or introducing you to VCs for your next round of funding, we take the proactive route to scale, for every client we work with.

Of which there are a fair few! Check out some of clients and ecosystem connections below:

Educate and elevate

Long standing relationships with the key players in the ecosystem are integral to what we can bring to the table for founders and their businesses. From VCs to other professional service offerings, accelerator programmes and beyond.

It’s all about partnering with the people that matter, to deliver content and support in accessible ways. We’re big believers in paying it forward and share our insight as far and wide as we can. We love this ecosystem and care about its ability to thrive – anything we can do help that is a big yes from us.

Founders Forum, Foundrs, London Technology Club, HSBC Innovation banking – just some of the names we partner with.

Often these partnerships and our content focus on shared challenges, from share options to getting ready for diligence. Think of it as an all-access pass to topics you’ll want to consider as you grow.

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If you’ve got this far and maybe checked out our Scale-up team, you might be thinking you land somewhere in the middle of all this. Your business is of the ground, you’re building a killer team and a customer base to envy but you’re not quite ready for audit services. We got you.

Here’s where our strategic finance offering comes in. Tom Watts and Nick Moran are here to talk you through it…

Asif Ahmed
Partner & Head of Early Stage for Tech & High Growth

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