3 July '24

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Outsourcing for UK subs is an essential strategy for many organisations, regardless of their size or sector. It can help you save money, get immediate access to the required technical expertise, boost productivity and efficiency, and more.

The outsourced accounting services we provide at Cooper Parry are a great example, and their wide-reaching benefits could be particularly relevant if you’re a UK-based subsidiary company of an overseas business.


1. Bridging the gap

One of the primary challenges for UK subsidiaries of overseas businesses is ‘bridging the gap’ between the UK and your head office.

Outsourcing can help you manage the challenging business, communication and compliance requirements associated with this structure, all while ensuring your parent company is provided with timely and meaningful management information.

Transparency, accountability, assurance and value are top priorities for shareholders, employees and customers alike, and outsourcing can be a powerful way to display all three.

2. Freeing up your leadership team

Our clients often tell us that outsourcing their UK subsidiary business accounting frees up their leadership team to concentrate on market impact and driving growth, without the substantial costs associated with training and managing an in-house finance function.

That’s because we work in the same way as an in-house accounting team. Plus, with your accounting records processed and entered into our cloud software systems, you and your parent company can access them on demand from anywhere, providing timely and meaningful management information, guaranteeing all your finance functions are aligned and integrated.

3. Meeting your requirements in the UK

We can act as your UK partner, using our expert knowledge of the territory and its regulations, standards and tax obligations to ensure you remain compliant and tax-efficient. We’ll challenge how you do things, give you our suggestions, and take into account the reporting requirements of your parent company too.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Outsourced accounting services are completely flexible and can be tailored to your needs as your business evolves. By outsourcing certain elements or all of your finance function, you can make sure you’re not spending money on services and personnel that you don’t need.


From assurance services and audits to the full spectrum of corporate and personal tax services, including R&D tax incentives and VAT, if you’re a UK subsidiary of an overseas business, Cooper Parry’s Business Services & Outsourcing team can help.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about outsourcing for UK subs.