We support AIM listed companies with a variety of financial reporting, sustainability, controls, and assurance projects, as well as statutory audit



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    We’re not tied to a specific sector, but we are great at working with AIM listed companies within our mid-market base. They’re all different but have some things in common. They’re all exciting, dynamic, and ambitious about growth.

    That excites us. It really excites us. We think we’ll be a good match for what you need. A match with our expertise. Our experience. Our culture and people.

    Like you, we have a can-do mentality. We seek out opportunities. We are responsive and focused when it comes to addressing your needs. We work with a mix of AIM listed businesses from multiple sectors on a variety of financial reporting, sustainability, controls, and assurance projects, as well as statutory audit.

    We know you’re not just looking for any old auditor. You’re looking for an audit partner with the systems, processes and relevant experience to handle your business. Yet, you’re also looking for an auditor who’s flexible, sticks to timelines and who’ll prioritise your audit amongst others. We know you have to answer to the market and are used to hitting deadlines.

    As an AIM listed company, you’ll also be looking for an adviser that understands your business and strategy as well as the regulatory requirements that you must meet. And having an adviser with expertise in the latest accountancy standards is a necessity.


    We value our clients and would want to get to know you before the real work starts. We build relationships based on trust and understanding. We know you’ll value our open and clear approach to communication.

    We like to work hand-in-hand with our clients, offering a consistent and continuous point of contact by giving you a relationship partner to oversee all our work for you. We’ll be proactive in bringing you relevant information and opportunities, as well as helping you make the most of it.

    For us, there’s no such thing as ‘just another audit client’. We offer so much more. Cooper Parry has a breadth of experienced people that can offer other additional tax and advisory services. We will of course work with them to ensure there is no conflict from an audit perspective.


    You won’t get a tick box audit from us. We’re not part of the ‘old boys club’ of auditors who do that. There’s no ‘off the shelf’ with us. We provide a tailored, bespoke audit solution.

    The audit process and key deadlines are always agreed up-front to ensure success and make it smooth.

    Information requests are in early so as not to overwhelm your team. You won’t get multiple questions on the same topic. Communication is key – with you and amongst our team.

    We’re well versed in working with AIM companies and will give your audit committee the peace of mind that the audit has been a rigorous and challenging process while still adding value through commercial insights.

    The transition to a new auditor may seem daunting but to us it’s just part of everyday life.  We have a well-established process when taking over an audit appointment from other auditors and devote all the time necessary to ensure this is painless.


    You’ll have the expertise of a Big 6 accountancy firm but with a more personal experience. Lots of our team have a large accountancy firm background before moving to Cooper Parry (where the grass is much greener!). Our team has depth, we’re big on customer service and our auditors have personality.

    One significant trend we’ve seen over the past year is that AIM-Listed businesses, audited by the Big 6 and national accounting firms, are realising that they are not receiving the level of service they should. Many are moving to CP to deliver the service they want and need.  

    If you like what you’ve read, let’s meet for a coffee. We also host regular events for Finance Directors, CEOs and senior leaders. We’re always connecting like-minded businesses together and we’d love to involve you.


    Over recent years there’s been on-going discussion about reform to the audit agenda. There’s broad acknowledgement that the definition of a Public Interest Entity (PIE) needs reform. One option being considered could result in AIM businesses with market capitalization over €200m being defined as PIEs. This would mean that you’d need to appoint separate auditors and tax advisors.

    If you haven’t already done so why not talk to us? Many of our dedicated AIM market specialist team were originally recruited from the “Big 4” and national firms. They’ve got the knowledge and expertise along with the CP personality and energy.  

    Our team understand the importance of managing cost and risk. Our services are all tailored to ensuring we provide exactly that. Using our expert knowledge from a compliance and advisory perspective and experience of working with AIM listed businesses like yours.   


    We like to build long term relationships with our clients. We’ll get under the skin of your business. We want to understand the challenges and the opportunities facing you. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach around here.

    We can help you think outside the box. Find the right solution to your needs in a flexible way. We offer a wide range of integrated services with cross-sector expertise in consulting, deal advisoryaudit, and tax. Alongside Melanie Hopwell and Robin Clegg CP has a number of people who have specific expertise and knowledge developed over many years from working with clients who are AIM listed.

    Whatever questions you have, we’re confident we’ll have the answers. But go on, try us.

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