Accident Repair Company

7 May '24

2 minute read

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“Having grown the business over 25 years with my wife from sole operator to employing 16, we decided to sell the business. Allowing us to enjoy life as much as we can without stress of the day-to-day workloads.

We had an opportunity approach us and we decided to go ahead with the sale. We were already using Cooper Parry as our accountants, and they were already providing us with an excellent service. I was put in contact with the Deals team who also exceeded all expectations in negotiations. We asked to be put in touch with the Legal side of Cooper Parry. They provided us with total professionalism from start to finish making sure we were covered all the way. We also had a lease agreement drawn up again from a team inside Cooper Parry.

There was never a moment that we felt anyone could have done better. We have so much to thank all the teams at Cooper Parry for as for all their much hard and professional work made this sale happen.

Would we recommend Cooper Parry – yes100%”


A leading independent Accident Repair company. Holding around 18 vehicle manufacturer, fleet and insurance approvals.