11 December '23

2 minute read

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‘As soon as I started at Tessian I bought Cooper Parry on board: I knew the tax partner, James Peck, from my previous role and liked his way of working. He talks real commercial sense and gets how business works in the world of scale ups. His team get where we’re coming from and it’s always a direct conversation straight to the nitty gritty – there’s no fluff. The team have helped with R&D credits, share options, international tax, transfer pricing etc. They’re great at taking a very complex thing and making it simple. James is also very good at saying ‘here is your road map: this is urgent, this isn’t, keep an eye on this’.

“I like having it all under one roof with the Tech & High Growth team: whenever a personal tax query, a VAT query, I can ping James (and not get charged) and he introduces me to the right person at CP. But it always comes back to him – he knows everything that is going on. And there’s no surprise billing: we jump on a call with the team, scope it out, and the quote sticks, so I know exactly how much to budget. You really stand by your numbers, so as well as the knowledge and relationship management, it’s the total honesty that’s a real USP’.

Hugh Sturgis – Financial Controller


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