We’re passionate about working with charities. Building supportive relationships with organisations with both grant and fundraised income.



If there's something you want to chat through, just pop your details on here and we'll line up one of our talented team to get back to you, Easy, peasy.

    We’re active members of the Charity Finance Group, the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (Charities SORP) committee and Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW) and Charity Commission Audit Forum. Our involvement gives us the opportunity to be involved early discussions. We can give a heads up to our clients about developments and proposed changes coming down the track.

    We want to build a supportive relationship with your charity. That starts with giving you a clear understanding of your finances to build your strategic management accounting on. And extends through our seminars, workshops and ongoing partnership. We don’t dictate, we build fruitful relationships. And we always flex our approach around our clients’ needs and timetables.

    Over the years we have built up our understanding and knowledge base when it comes to supporting organisations in receipt of grant income and fundraised income from donations. We can advise on managing income streams particularly when it comes to restricted income. Ensuring you remain compliant and able to deliver your mission whilst managing risk. We know how challenging it is for charities in the current circumstances both in terms of finances and the impact of Coronavirus upon your work.


    We also offer non-statutory audit services such as internal assurance, grant audits, due diligence, and plenty of other finance and governance related projects. We’re always happy to chat through your options and give you our ideas and advice.

    You might need some guidance on the roles and responsibilities of Trustees and the implications of the latest Charity SORP. What about the furlough (CJRS) support you may have claimed and how it applies to charities? Or you could need some help on policies or want to chat through a particular issue with someone who knows your organisation but isn’t involved in the day to day. Again, get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can help out.

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