Distinct Recruitment

23 February '20

3 minute read

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How did we come to start working together?

Our CEO had a good relationship with Cooper Parry and we were keen to be associated with a company with such a good reputation.

Was there anything that made you hesitant about working with us?

If I’m honest I was slightly nervous about the cost for such a new business, but it turned out to be a lot less than anticipated. Particularly as I feel able to contact yourselves at any point in the year should I need to, without fear of being patronised or charged an eye watering figure.

What did we do for you?

Alongside all the official work, I found Mo so easy to deal with and as it is fairly local to us going into the offices at Cooper Parry and having a face to face discussion is so helpful.  For someone like myself, who is running the finances and is just AAT and QBE but not having the whole Financial accreditation of further exams, it’s so helpful to have someone who can either confirm that you’re doing things correctly or possibly slightly tweak things for the better.  I have learnt an awful lot just from the year end conversations. I think for an SME such as ourselves the service is perfect and it is so refreshing to deal with people who don’t feel the need to flash their much superior financial knowledge.

What were the biggest benefits?

Possibly covered that in the above. In summary: a professional service, delivered without fuss and over interference in your business, with hand holding if needed but from a distance if appropriate. Always happy to help and advise.

What made us especially good?

Again possibly already covered this, but I think it helps you (Mo) is so approachable.  Despite having been in finance all my working life it can be daunting when you realise someone is looking at your work from the past year and you hope they’re not pulling it apart.  No question is considered stupid and it genuinely feels as though you are there to help as opposed to pull me up on anything I’ve got “wrong”.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Not particularly, apart from I wish you every success.  I can honestly say I no longer dread year end, it doesn’t feel as though you’re on trial as I’ve experienced previously, it genuinely feels like a partnership.