3 June '24

4 minute read

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The CP Law team offers a comprehensive solution to all the legal support you’ll need throughout your business’s lifecycle.

Built on the ethos of offering an in-house legal counsel experience and being part of your journey from incorporation to exit, CP Law offers a variety of legal services. These include buying/selling businesses, reorganisation of your business, implementing employee incentives and share schemes, and going through a successful exit. The team helps companies and their shareholders achieve all their objectives, whatever they may be.

They also have specialist property lawyers working across the full spectrum of real estate and property, delivering strategic advice at each stage.

Headed up by Emily Waterhouse, the team joined CP last year as part of our transformational deal with Haines Watts. Now, with roots in London and the South East, CP Law has been growing UK-wide, with fast-moving plans to welcome even more talented people to their ranks.

That’s why it feels like an opportune moment to tell you more about the team, everything they offer to our clients, and how you can get involved in their exciting growth journey.


The team was launched 10 years ago to address the lack of cohesion between accountants and lawyers. Stories of information and knowledge falling through the gaps between the two meant one thing: a client experience that lacked efficiency, slickness, and ultimately, the right outcomes.

By having our own Business Law team, we’ve made that gap watertight. And now, CP Law’s synergy with all our other teams is a huge part of the unique value they offer to clients.

Let’s say you’re looking to sell your business. The CP Law team works closely with CP Deals and our Transaction Tax team, helping you to find the best buyer and structure the deal optimally. Then, the Cooper Parry Wealth team can help you create a financial plan to get the most out of your money, live your ideal lifestyle and focus on the things you really value.

Similarly, if you’re looking to set up a Family Investment Company (FIC), or an EMI scheme, we can cover the tax, legal and accountancy aspects for you, with interconnected teams, all under one roof.

They also work alongside our Employment Tax, VAT, Capital Allowances and R&D Tax Incentives teams. So, whatever you need legal advice on, and whatever sector you’re in, we know the team can find the solution.


Having successfully established themselves in London, the business law team is now setting out to achieve similar feats in the Midlands.

To support that growth journey, we have a number of exciting opportunities available to join the team. In particular, we’re looking for a Corporate Law Partner, a Senior Solicitor, Junior Solicitor and Paralegal.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining our business law team, you can find out more about the roles on our Vacancies page.

Emily Waterhouse, Head of CP Law, said:

“Our strength is our people, and at Cooper Parry Law, we offer something different because we’re commercially astute and good listeners. We’ll be your legal partner in all areas of your business, and instead of simply spotting problems, we’ll help you find a solution that works for you too.

It’s an exciting time for the team. We’ve built solid foundations, but now, being part of the Cooper Parry family, we can keep aiming higher and offering more and more to our clients. To help us get there, we’re looking for likeminded, ambitious people who really want to push forward what we have to offer.”