Fast-paced, ever-twisting, always turning. The retail rollercoaster won’t slow down. And to keep up, you need advisers who’ve supported your peers, with the experience and fresh ideas to spot opportunities.

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Sure, loads of firms will say the same. But loads of firms lack the expertise, credentials and connections to back that up.

With active relationships with more than a third of large retailers in the Midlands. Along with a portfolio of retail clients based across the UK. We’re a leading adviser in the sector, and we’re rightfully proud of the clients we act for and the work we deliver – both for and with them.

Our clients include grocers, petrol stations, convenience stores, fashion retailers, sports and outdoors retailers, online entrepreneurs and High Street names. Not quite the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, but pretty much everyone in between. We work with online retailers. And bricks and mortar-based stores. Others operating with a mixed approach. Keeping a high street presence alongside growing their ecommerce route to customers.

We work with start-up businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. Many on a huge and rapid growth journey as they smash their targets. B Corp companies and those on a journey, like us, to achieve B Corp status. Privately owned businesses. Private Equity backed businesses. And retail businesses seeking investment.

And with our experience in supporting retail ranging from full statutory audits to special, tailored projects, we know how to form a partnership that makes a lasting difference and adds real value for you and your stakeholders.

That’s why many of our relationships are long-standing; some over 15 years. Plus, the vast majority of our work comes from referrals and recommendations. So, we must be doing something right.


Worth over £421bn in the UK alone. The retail sector is changing. And not just since the impact of Covid on the High Street. In 2021 30% of all retail sales were made online. And that number is steadily increasing.


We know what keeps you up at night.

And we know it all too well. Why? Our Head of Retail, Cat Kelly, is a FORMER Chair of the ICAEW Retail Advisory Group, leading the accountancy industry’s response to over 5,000 members of the retail community, as well as liaising with the government on what’s critical to the market. 

A number of our team have spent time “on the other side of the desk”, working for large retail businesses including Dunelm, Boots, NEXT and Co-op. And we frequently send secondees to help out in our clients’ businesses, building our team’s practical and commercial experience in the process. 

We help our clients develop their in-house finance resource. To keep pace with growth ambitions. Helping them get the processes and tech in place to succeed. Our Outsourcing team can provide extra bandwidth in your finance team during times of change. 

We can be the extra pair of hands that you need. They work with dynamic and rapidly growing retail businesses. Particularly those with a focus on e-commerce platforms. 

Check out the different ways the CP team can support you below, meet the awesome people making it happen, and find out what makes us the perfect partner to help you navigate the retail rollercoaster – with enough time to enjoy the ride.



“What made them stand out to us was that we shared a lot of the same values, in particular, around ethos. They want to be the best at what they do and so do we. As our relationship has developed, it’s clear that they fully understand our business and our goals, and they are always available to help and guide us.”

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Sarah Leach,

Finance Director


“We benefitted from Chris’ background in terms of being involved in HMRC’s decision making committees. We also liked his straight-talking approach – that’s what we’re all about here too”

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Scott Hemsley,

NJ Screen Prints


“The team worked to a very tight deadline pulling other members of the wider team in to help and deliver, bending over backwards to help us. They even went to the extent of arranging the signing of the accounts at a local PKF firm in Florida so our owner didn’t have to break his holiday.”

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Rob Teare,

Chief Financial Officer


“Overall, we’re really pleased with what has been produced and the service provided during the process. We were given a comprehensive due diligence package with a competitive price and I felt comfortable that we had all of the key finance areas covered and any key risks were identified.”

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Andrew Sutton,

Financial Controller


“We first came across Cooper Parry at one of their events. Their retail specialist, Cat Kelly, followed up afterwards with an email or two. And this came at a time when we needed an expert opinion on IFRS 16. Cat demonstrated that she was a real expert on the subject, so was the obvious first choice when choosing an adviser to help us on our impact assessment.”

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Katie Gregory,

Head Of Financial Reporting


Cat Kelly
Head Of Retail & Relationship Partner