The workplace has gone digital, and you can’t afford for your finances to get stuck behind. By offering a Virtual FD, online bookkeeping and a range of other flexible business services, the CP Futures Early Stage team can help keep your business moving forward with all the on-demand financial support you need.

Our Virtual FD service gives you all the expertise and advice of a full-time Finance Director, without the hefty cost of hiring one.

What is a Virtual FD?

Our Virtual FD service provides your business with flexible, affordable access to Finance Director level specialists who can act as trusted advisers and partners to help you achieve success – whatever that means to you. Using the latest in Cloud solutions and online communications, our Virtual FD service is a seamless approach to managing your business’s money.

A Virtual FD provides strategic planning advice whilst overseeing the financial management of the business. The service alleviates the pressures of money management without the need to dilute your senior team with another appointment – all whilst granting you access to new opportunities through our extensive network of connections.

Virtual FD services

Progressive businesses benefit from a range of services by opting for a Virtual FD. It’s an all-in-one package that provides financial management, oversight, forecasting and fundraising without the need to seek out a different adviser for each of those functions.

Business Tax

We provide a comprehensive service that can make any business more tax efficient. From family-run firms through to high-growth start-ups, we’ll keep you on the money with timely tax advice. There’s a reason we’ve been recognised as Tolley’s Best Regional Tax Practice, after all.

International Tax

Businesses that work internationally need financial advice that stretches further than HMRC’s tax codes. Our virtual FD service will equip you with all the information you need to make savvy decisions worldwide while connecting you with leading experts across any jurisdiction you enter. It’s tax advice without borders.


Time is money, and managing your accounts takes away your chance to be out there building your brand and seizing opportunities. From compliance through to financial controller support, we’ll handle the money while you deal with what you do best.

Why choose a virtual FD?

A Virtual FD can provide far more value than an end-of-year tax return accountant. By managing and monitoring your finances, you’ll have better data to inform the everyday decisions that shape your business.

Best of all, the service can be provided virtually – meaning fewer phone calls, almost no-sit down meetings, and a more cost-effective approach to accounting.

What makes the CP Futures Early Stage team the right choice for your business?

As your trusted business partner, we can provide you with the direction that helps you to hit your objectives, anticipate and react to challenges in real-time. It makes for leaner businesses that can rapidly expand while keeping their finances on track.

The CP Futures Early Stage team has been advising ambitious, entrepreneurial businesses for over 20 years, building up a long list of connections and partnerships to bring to the table  to get the results you’re looking for. We give you straightforward, no-nonsense financial support, all in our usual jargon-busting style.

With the CP Futures Early Stage team, you’ll get a Virtual Financial Director who can quickly understand your business’s needs and deliver the advice to meet them. Fancy finding out more? Get in touch.



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